Who is Jack Sternberg?

Jack Sternberg is a very experienced full time investor and the creator of the renowned “Buyers First Program”.  As the “gurus’ guru”,  he is well known by the professional creative real estate community as “Obi-Won Kenobi”. Having been a full time investor since 1977, Jack Sternberg has been “at” the closing table more than 1,500 times. Jack Sternberg has bought and sold in excess of 1,500 single family homes and 4,000 apartment units and participated in excess of 90 million dollars of institutional financings and over 750 million dollars of real estate transactions in total. Additionally, almost a million square feet of commercial space, both retail and office, and light industrial property has been owned and operated by Jack Sternberg.  Jack. Sternberg has built new homes, remodeled existing ones and operated a full service property management company as well as both a mortgage corporation and title company. With  30 years of full time investing experience, Jack Sternberg has seen the highs and lows of the real estate investing business and has the depth of experience that lend value to his associations and most “gurus” can only dream about. Please feel free to contact Jack Sternberg at www.askjacksternberg.com


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